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Our Community

We are fortunate to live in an amazing part the UK, in an amazing community.


Our Church schools are part of the wider community centered around the town of Kingsbridge. We are fully committed to working towards an education that is seamless from age 3 – 11 and beyond and enjoy productive partnerships with a wide range of other schools and organizations.


West Alvington has a thriving foundation stage unit led by an experienced Early Years teacher, where pre-school children are educated on site and work with reception children on a regular basis. The children are so used to being in primary school that transition is easy… children breeze into their reception class without a care in the world!


99.9% of our children move on to Kingsbridge Community College. An outstanding, nationally acclaimed school that deserves all the accolades it has gained. We work in partnership to ensure our curriculum matches the expectations of KCC and gain from a host of joint events and learning opportunities. As with the pre-school children, year 6 children breeze into secondary school!


We are also developing links with our local universities. Children will have the opportunity to visit Plymouth university and work with students and lecturers.


We want our children to be inspired and constantly aim high!

  • West Alvington Church of England Primary School
  • West Alvington, Kingsbridge
  • Devon, TQ7 3PP
  • Tel: 01548 852002
  • Email: westalvington@lapsw.org