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Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) includes pre school and our Reception age children who are taught together in our Foundation Stage unit each morning. Our pre school (Pips at west Alvington) takes children from 3 years old and is currenlty open each morning. Children move into the Reception year at school  in the academic year in which they turn five. During the afternoon sessions, our Reception school aged children join Mrs Crosley in class 1 where they learn alongside the year 1 and 2 children. They gain a huge amount from playing with and learning alongside the older children during parts of their school day. The class setup also allows children to access more challenging activities when they are ready to.


At West Alvington we work with individual families to ensure that your child’s start in school is positive and fulfilling. Pips sessions provide the ideas introduction to school and the majority of our children  settle very easily. We can offer a part time timetable in the Autumn Term to ease transition into school. For summer term birthdays, a January term start is also an option. The partnership between school and home is of great importance to us as it helps cement positive relationships and attitudes to school right from the start.


The emphasis during the EYFS is on learning through play. The children spend a large proportion of their time in school engaged in free play. The classroom environment is set up with a wide range of stimulating activities and exciting play opportunities which the children can choose to access. They also receive formal Phonics (letters and sounds) teaching everyday as well as short adult directed sessions which focus on maths, reading, writing and activities related to our class topic.


The children’s progress is tracked against the EYFS which is divided into the following areas:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (which includes: Making relationships, Self-confidence and self-awareness, Managing feelings and behavior)


Physical Development (Which includes: Moving and handling, Health and self-care)


Communication and Language (Which includes: Listening and attention, Understanding, Speaking)


Literacy (Reading, Writing)


Mathematics (Numbers, Shape, space and measure)


Understanding the World (People and communities, The world, Technology)


Expressive Arts and Design (Exploring and using media and materials, Being imaginative)


Each child has a Learning Journal which records their time in the EYFS, it contains pieces of work the children are proud of, evidence of any new achievements, photographs and observations made by adults around the school and from home. parents are invited into school to share thier child's learning journey each half term.


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