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Class Hazel- Foundation Stage Unit and Year 1

Welcome to Class Hazel.

We are a mixed age class of Year 1, reception and our nursery children. We learn indoors and outside in our vibrant class area and we have several adults who help us. Mrs Crosley is our class teacher and she is supported by Miss Prowse, our play leader, who has a level 3 NVQ Early Years Educator qualification. 

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Forest School

We started our school year off with trips to the woods for our Forest School. We became much more confident in the woods and learnt to work together as a team, to support each other as well as skills such as tying ropes which helped build our fine motor control. We examined the world around us and used our senses. Our last session was topped off by hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows on the fire!

Diwali Day

We had our own Diwali Celebration day for our Foundation Stage Unit children and Year 1. It was a wonderful day jam packed with exciting activities. All the children made diva lamps, Rangoli patterns and enjoyed the food for our  Diwali feast. 


In the afternoon the children were taught a Bollywood dance which was great fun. The whole day was an amazing opportunity for the children to gain a better understanding of this Hindu festival of light, and would not have been possible without Sheila Butler and all her hard work and preparation. Thank you Sheila!

Pirate Day

As part of our topic on Our Local Area this term we learnt about Pirates from the Westcountry. Class I had a visit to The Golden Hind to learn more about Sir Frances Drake and his experiences. We had a wonderful Pirate Day and even dressed for the part . Fifteen fierce pirates met at school and with Captain Crosley travelled by disco bus to Brixham. The colourful lights and DVD kept everyone entertained on the journey. Walking along the harbour to the Golden Hind our posse of pirates were met by a pirate story teller with his feathered hat, swords, daggers, numerous guns and amazing jewellery. Straight off the Black Pearl. We were drummed on board the ship and spent the morning learning about life on board and exploring. The poop deck was very popular but we wouldn't like ships biscuits and worms! We were waved off to go and have lunch on the harbour wall.

Our pirates were admired by lots of holiday makers and were a credit to our school. 

Forest School

Class 1 have visited our Forest School in the woods each week this summer term. We have had great fun learning together and taking part in activities that involve teamwork. Here are some of our photos.


Forest School Summer 2015

Forest School Summer 2015 1 Walking through the bluebells to our school circle
Forest School Summer 2015 2 Finding Mr Fox using a compass
Forest School Summer 2015 3 Sitting in shelters
Forest School Summer 2015 4 Teamwork
Forest School Summer 2015 5 Listening to each other.

Magic Forest Days

Class 1 and the Foundation Stage Unit with our Pips took part in a Magic Forest Day during the summer term. We had a day at East Soar Farm where we built animal homes, went on bug hunts and identified leaves and trees. Later on, back at school, we learnt how to spin with wool, we made hanging spider's webs and we created woven patterns and felt butterflies. Our artwork was displayed during the summer holidays in the woods at Overbecks.

Picture 1 We went on a bug hunt
Picture 2 We collected lots of different bugs
Picture 3 We identified the bugs with help!
Picture 4 We collected wood to make homes for the bugs
Picture 5 We made a huge woodlouse home.
Picture 6
Picture 7 Our huge woodpile home
Picture 8
Picture 9 we modelled bugs
Picture 10
Picture 11 Identifying leaves
Picture 12 We collected different leaves
Picture 13 We made leaf prints
Picture 14
Picture 15 The lovely view from our picnic spot


Trains and Planes Topic Spring 2015

Class 1 recently had a fantastic trip on the South Devon Railway along with the Foundation Stage Unit. We learnt how to operate the signals by changing points, how a steam train works and how people would have eaten on trains in Victorian times. We really enjoyed having lunch on the return train journey to Totnes.

We have designed our own trains for this topic and as part of our English lessons we wrote instructions to show how we made them. We even became reporters for the day and filmed ourselves on ipads reporting on the Wright brothers famous flight.

During our practice of the Christmas Nativity, Class 1 took a trip to Pennywell Farm to participate in their Live Nativity.


The children were encouraged to dress up as the different characters of the Christmas Story, then act and sing along with the Pennywell Narrator who told the story.


The setting included live sheep with their lambs, a donkey for Mary and a horse for a King! We sang Christmas carols including 'Away in a Manger' and 'Silent Night'.


Christmas biscuits and juice were provided for our budding actors, including coffee and mince pies for the adults!


We then took a trip across the Farm to wake up Father Christmas with a 'Ho Ho Ho'. The children were treated to a special visit and gift from him - racing cars and dolls.


To end the afternoon we raced around on toy tractors, and visiting the reindeer, rabbits, shire horses and the turkeys! We had some very tired children on the way home!


It was a lovely afternoon and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Welly Walk - Fire building and playing in the leaves!

For our topic this term, we have been looking at Pets, through to Animals of world and ending with Dinosaurs.


We took a trip to Paignton Zoo along with children from Charleton Primary School. We spent the day in groups looking at the different habitats of the animals, from the Elephants in the Savannah to the Tigers in the Forest.


Our favourite animals were the Gorillas, where we were fascinated by what they ate and how big they were! Along with the Lion, whose mane was furry and golden!


We had lunch in the indoor picnic area, as well as playtime on the large climbing frame.


Overall we had a fantastic day!


Once we returned to school, we learnt the poem 'The Animal Fair', and used our own learning about the animals we saw at Paignton Zoo to come up with our own version of the poem.

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